SideChaining Question

Hello again everyone and good evening! So when side-chaining, is it common to side chain duck the aux reverb as well, along with the dry track signal? For example let’s say I wanted to side-chain where the bass is ducking to the kick, would I also side-chain duck that bass’s reverb as well with another send? Another example, making a piano side-chain duck to a string pluck, would I also have to side-chain duck that pianos aux reverb as well (with another send from the string pluck)? Forgive me for spamming the word duck lol

In general terms, no. The reverb send is post-side-chain. However, side-chain compressing reverbs can sound great as an effect in itself, especially on longer decay times, as the reverb tail pumps to the music. Of course, side-chain compressing reverbs/delays to the source also sounds great as an effect or to create space for the source instrument when done more subtly.