Side chaining with pro C2

When side chaining do the compressors controls become dedicated to the ext signal?

I think all of them do but with auto gain on my bass which is the main track getting side chained to a kick seems to be getting slammed , at this point I wanted to just use the compressor for side chaining so I should just leave the auto gain off? As dialing in the type of compression I would like for the bass is not doable since the compressors controls seem to be dedicated to the incoming signal. Danny mentions he likes to leave auto gain on but this is completely giving my bass so much gain, and in this step I’m just trying to achieve the side chaining so would it be best to leave auto gain off? Is there something I’m missing? Is there a better way to dial the settings in as just to leave he compressor purpose to side chaining and not boosting the track as a whole?

Your sidechaining compressor should be separate from your bass compressor (2 separate instances of compressors). The sidechaining compressor should have auto gain off and the controls should be set for sidechaining (fast attack, high ratio, and release set by ear). You can leave auto gain on for your bass compressor. If you have more questions hit me up in the NLS Discord server

Cool, I’ll definitely be leaving it off for the side chain instance, thank you