Side Chaining in Ableton Pro C

Hey, I was wondering if anybody knows of a work around using ProC sidechain in Ableton. From my understanding an individual track must be sent to the track that is being sidecahained. So say I want to sidechain 10 tracks to the kick, do I have to create 10 kick tracks and send them to each track I want to sidechain? This seems like of lot of additional tracks. In Ableton I can put the stocked compressor on any track and just select the one source "kick"using the same track for every individual track. Please tell this can be done with ProC and Ableton. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply! I have a good understanding on how to set up sidechain using ProC, but the problem I’m having is way the ProCs routing is set up in Ableton. From my understanding I need to have 1 isolated sidechain track for each track I want to put my side chain on. So if I have 1 kick and then want to sidechain 10 tracks off of that 1 kick I have to set up 10 kicks and send them each individually to the tracks I’m sidechaing. Unless I’m totally overlooking something, which I hope I am.

You’re right there’s no way other than create many audio tracks that would link your sidechain source to the compressors (one audio track for each new compressor)
That’s why LFO tool by Xfer is so popular :slight_smile:
And I think that’s one of the points why Danny recommends mixing in other DAWs

Thanks Mike! I was afraid of that. I’ve considered checking out other DAWS. I actually have ProTools 11 but can’t install on my new MacBook Pro, so that was a waste of about $700.00. It has something to do with it not being compatible. I am anti ProTools now. Most of my friends use Logic and I have been considering checking it out. I just always loved Ableton as I love the workflow and I couldn’t find a better DAW that suits my needs when performing Live. I guess mixing a a different ballgame haha. I have LFO Tool but I only found it useful if my kicks are 4 on the floor, which most of my music isn’t so I haven’t used it much for side chaining. I’ve read Volume Shaper from Cable Guys allows you to trigger the volume LFO by a ghost midi note. Maybe I’ll give that a try. But thanks again for your response! -Jeff

Never mind you can do that Pro C2 and with LFO tool to! :man_facepalming: It took some experimenting but it’s actually pretty cool. Just create a midi track and call it say “side chain”. Place an external instrument on that track and send the midi to the tracks you want to side chain, then put the midi notes in that track. Group and duplicate it as many times as you need so it you can route it to as many tracks as you want. Put the Pro C2 or the LOF tool on the tracks you want to receive the side chain.

hey man if it’s just sidechaining you’re after, ableton’s compressor is more than able to handle the task. it has a great signal filtering eq, and the release is very responsive. you can get some extreme sidechain effects when you crank down on the threshold. since taking Danny’s courses, I’ve switched to Logic for mixing and am loving it but I still prefer using ableton’s compressor to sidechain with over fabfilters, just a personal preference but the others just don’t seem to to bounce the same way. people bag on ableton’s native fx all the time but most of that is just unfounded bias and holds no weight. i used to talk with bassnectars mastering engineer, seth drake, quite regularly and he ran alot of tests on ableton’s fx (Lorin himself uses ableton to produce, mix, and perform in). his opinion was that ableton’s fx are very able.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah I hear ya. I actually use a lot of Abletons stocked plugs and they hold up to most 3rd party plugins. I’ve always been happy with Abletons sidechain compressors to. I’m just trying alternatives since Danny’s been teaching Pro C2 in his classes. So you like Logic? I’ve been debating if I want to go with another DAW for mixing. I’ve been leaning towards Logic or Cubase but haven’t decided if I want to learn another DAW yet but I keep hearing that I’ll thank myself later. I’m sure I’ll take the plunge sooner or later.

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