Fabfilter pro C2/MB in Ableton live

Hi guys
This post is about side chaining: How do you route the external source (kick) to the relevant track with C2/MB on it?

I’ve tried sending the kick to a return track. Then send the return to the bass. But that won’t do it. It’s just so much easier using the built in compressor, as it has a drop down menu and you can just chose what ever track you desire. But at the same time I’d love to use PRO C2 and MB, as they are superior plugins.

Any ideas?

If you wait just a little bit longer the side chain feature will be available to third party plugins so it will be as easy as it is with the internal compressor :slight_smile:

I think you can do it via send return tracks


This is where I read it but have been late on trying it

Hi big break music, I’m assuming that update will be exclusively for live 10 as I’m still on 9, so my question how has the cpu been holding up in 10 compared to 9? I’ve been hesitant to upgrade to 10 because of how many people have complained about 10 being worse than 9 as far as cpu

Hey Steso,
This is how i do it.


This is the work around I use. So create a audio channel, select you input (Kick) then hit monitor in and send the audio to the bass in this example. The audio will then route itself to what ever third plugin you got on the bass and you can change it also :slight_smile: Hope this helps

Thanks a lot guys! Will try it out during the weekend😊

sorry, made a post in the wrong thread

I asked about the Ableton update for 3rd party side chain and I guess its already available in 10, here’s the link where I read it

That is correct. It is much more easy to do after 10.1. It is still in beta but should be released very soon :slight_smile: It also has VST 3 support and a few other goodies :wink:

I actually went back to Ableton 9, because I was experiencing loads of cpu overload issues with Ableton 10, making it impossible to record and create music.

Do you know if these changes/updates will be made for 9 as well? Would be great.