Hi. Simple question. I want to compress my bass AND I want to sidechain it. So I think I would need 2 technical compressors. I assume i get it sounding how I want with the first one (power, etc.) and THEN I add a second 1 for the sidechain ducking. I asked this question in class but sadly lost my notes. Ugh! THANKS

Hey Derek,
Hope you’re ok.
For power/saturation you need your first compressor to be an analog one (e.g. Slate FG-401) then for side-chaining use (at the end of your chain) a tech compressor like Pro C2 buddy.

If you’re not sure, have a look in your tut library, there’s a reference PDF of the chain in there and you can download it.


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Hey @derekjuan, this is why @TheSheep is top of the class!! :slight_smile:

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