Hey Guys,

I took the first mixing course and am now in the more advanced one.

When doing the musical compression I remember from the first course that we were told to just have it bounce lightly. And we can use 2 or 3 compressors. What I have been doing is using 2 or 3 musical compressors and having them bounce lightly to 1. What am I wondering now am I using too little? Should I be pushing them a bit more? All the best!


well I tend to use just one and then I add technical compression I think is matter of taste, I tend to apply that to kickdrums and synths

that’s good to know lex. I usually go up to 2 or 3 db on fg 401 but if its the 1176 i go way up like 6 to 8 db GR. sometimes i combine the fg 401 with 1176 in a row…Honestly benedikt i don’t know if I’m doing it right either and how much is too much. in Mixing foundation when i took it this summer danny showed us the 1176 and he smacked it and it sounded awesome. like 10 db of GR. so I have been trying that too.

It is this ‘to taste’ thing again. So, sometimes you want the ‘effect’ of compression in that you want to hear that it is compressed. Other times (vocals for example), you want a reduction in the dynamic range, but not usually to hear the compressor working. For the first example, you may want to smack the compressor whereas for the second, you may want a series of compressors each sharing the load and being quite transparent.

Remember though it is a stylistic choice and to go by your ears. It isn’t one or the other, it is what is right for the individual channel, not even for the track.

thanks guys! I’m freeing it up a bit with the compression now. Happy Mixing!

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