Hello guys :slight_smile:

I have a question, I saw that some of the big names of the EDM scene tends to clip their kick, their entire mix

As an example I leave this video from John Christian An amazing producer and I learn a lot of things

Check out in minute 20:47 he liteally clip the mix! haha and each channel is a har clipping

What do you thing about this?

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As I see it, he doesn’t really clip. He is using the fact that the DAW doesn’t clip internally and then he starts his mastering chain by lowering the volume with -10db so that the rest of the plugins work with a normal gain structure.

I actually did a similar thing with my latest track. Just putting Pro-L on my stereobus and letting my channels burst into the stereo out bus having it limited by Pro-L.

You can listen to the result here:


sorry I got confussed with this subject haha , btw i like your track :slight_smile: how do you get that synths in front? using the busses?

My secret weapon is OTT. Bring down downward compression to 0% and keep upward compression to 100%. Adjust depth to taste. I generally go between 30% and 100%

Thats great! thank you men, I already follow you in spotify :slight_smile:

Thanks, do you have any music I can listen to?

Yeap , Could you provide me your email ?