First MixDown - Mixing Foundation Style


Hey Guys,
Just completed my first mix after enrolling in the Mixing Foundation class.
It’s not yet a complete track, i still need to throw in some FX.
I usually render my tracks and listen for a couple of days before adding FX.
Please let me know what you think about the mix.



Hi Eugen

Excellent work on your pannings, the kick hits good

Great workflow man! I work like that too, Just adding some hall reverb in the breakdown

Great track!


Thank you!
What about the overall sound level?
When i listen to it on headphones (regular earbuds or monitoring headphones) or on my production speakers, it sounds ok.
But when i play it on my living room stereo, the kick is way too loud compared to the other sounds.



Nice.Thanks for sharing bro.


Great sounding Mix! The panning, the low end, the high end… No boxy-ness at all.
Really good!