Pre mixdown - looking for comments

this is at the end of the creative phase… and arrangement, pre mixdown. i’ve done some saturation and this recording has tape, console and limiting on the mix buss. looking for constructive suggestions on any boring sections needing work before i go to mixdown.

looking for time in minutes and seconds… + issue at that time.

not looking to debate styles and all this and that. thanks for understanding!

thanks again for any time spent on this. much appreciated guys. i’m heading into the live courses in september and i want to get there well prepared.

anybody looking for a secret weapon for risers and falls… look no further

throw saturation on it and make into anything.

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It is a good plugin although I don’t always use it. Sometimes sample packs have more complex risers than this does and they are just easy to throw in.

Mike, I love driving bass and off beats, but my suggestion would be that you need some variation to build interest. Also, try telling a story, so a clear start, building into a middle and out to an end. I will often write out the ‘story’ before I even create the ‘8 bar loop’ or whatever other starting point. That will help to avoid any ‘boring’ sections as you say. So for this track, what is the story? What is it about? How should I feel once I have listened to it?

You will love the live class by the way and it isn’t about turning up ‘prepared’ so don’t worry. My main issue was around mixing/mastering and I now know I didn’t have a clue!! The good news? I have a lot more of a clue now and it is all a journey. Which course are you doing?

I signed up for all 3 mixing and mastering courses. I’ve been at this a
while but I’ve definitely hit a plateau being self taught.

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You wont regret it Mike.