Need some practice mixing vocals?

I have a bunch of projects that I recorded in studio, if you want I can give you the links so you can download and practice. We could compare results. It mostly Russian rap, also some covers in English.

I am curious to see what it sounds like and practice a little my email is let me know

I sent u some stems. after u done, post it here so we can compare

Ok I didn’t understand what he was saying because i don’t speak Russian so I just went on feel and intensity. using the outro sample as a guide as well. wow i’m a new user so i cant upload anything here. sent it to your gmail though, X - Russian Rap Song

the file was too big to deliver to the forum fro this email I thought it was your gmail sorry. working with tech support to see why my login is not working send me another email acct and i will sen what i did.

ok finally got my login taken care of

whisper is too loud as well as vocal in general, i make them record it only to make a stereo effect with it and to add high end after I deess the main vocal (for sake of high frequencies)

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I agree with everything you said I think I need to work on my room alot more so I can hear better. I went and looked at some space yesterday as well. I like the hushed effect and how your voxal is tucked into the beat. That’s why i need the practice thank you for allowing me to do that I’m going too go back over it and try to emulate your levels more closely.

did you mix beat and vocals ? I only did vocals, doe

no i didnt mix the beat

my room is untreated and the monitors are off axis, basically worst case scenario