I'm learning, feedback is greatly appreciated

Hi all,

I’ve been learning to use compressors, reverb etc, the track is a training track (please keep that in mind) I might finish off as a track at some point? It’s early days but would love to see what you think.

Link to wav file

Do you have any reference track of the sound/music style you are going for or are you just trying to do your own thing?

I like to do my own thing, that mix was just trying compressors, saturation, reverb etc. I’ve just started using a reference track (thanks to Danny), but in answer to your question, yes I’ve used; “You Take My Breath Away (Lange Mix) Surreal” for sonic comparison.

Hey Sean how are you doning i hope well may i ask what kind music you do or working on?

Hi Ulysses,

I’m good thank you, you? I’m into all kinds of music, but I like to make electronic dance music. I’m kind of finding my own style, I like a mixture of Progressive House, Trance etc. I wanted to come here learn from Danny, being self taught (a baby in music) is good in one way, but bad with the tech side. I hold back because I know my stuff doesn’t sound right when I master it etc.

What do you like to produce my friend? I’ll go take a look or should I say “listen” haha :slight_smile:

Stay well,