My track: JPM-Starting Point

Hi all! Here is my track! You can listen it from SoundCloud or Youtube! Hit me with feedback and like the track if you do! :slight_smile: Have a good day!


Hey JPM,

Lot of separation for the different instruments. Through headphones I could place each sound in a separate space up/down/side to side/front to back. I haven’t tried a mono run through yet and this is the bit that i think i need to tackle soon (the whole mono/stereo mixing piece), so i am probably thinking about that more than other listeners. I wasn’t sure about the reverb to start with, but I am not a connoisseur of the genre, so this may be typical or it may be exactly what you were going for. If so, scrub the last bit! Again, not being familiar with the genre, I would have wanted the bass ducking a bit more to the kick to create some extra groove. Finally, what are you using for saturation?

What i have to end with is that although I don’t usually listen to the genre, it kept my head nodding and that is the real test!! Well done mate. Hope the comments helped…

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Thanks Elton!

I did this track before the Mixing Foundations and didn’t know much about mixing tough. I used different reverbs for instruments for sure. For saturation I used Bitcrusher from Logic and Tapedelay without delay for tape, because I didn’t have Soundtoys and Slate at the time. Bass ducking is good for my taste. This was my starting point and for next track I have more skills to mix thanks for the MF and some new weapons (or toys) to use! :smile:

It is always difficult to comment when you don’t know which parts are ‘meant’ and which are not. Being a Trance kinda guy with a Happy Hardcore background I am always wanting too much ‘bounce’!! It will be interesting to hear this re-mixed after Mixing Foundations and with some of the new toys…

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Hi :slight_smile: I like the song, It will help a lot if you sidechain a little bit more the sub bass , The kick has knock power and the other intruments sounds good!

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Thanks man appreciate it! I’m planning to taking that track back to the lab and do some magic to it, now when I have game changin tools and tricks updated! Have to try some more sidechaining for sure. But let’s see, cause I’m busy to make new tracks and NLM is on right now aswell! :blush: