As always, help appreciated. be honest, not gentle!

OK guys, I may be becoming too critical, but I am still not sure about this track.

I am currently on mixing foundations, so I have done this as my first ‘educated’ mix. I have created links to my original version of the track before I had any professional tuition. I hope I have improved it somehow?

Original (pre MMWA)

So far (still private on soundcloud until I get the green light here!!)

Both have been mastered over at LANDR as I haven’t got onto the mastering yet. My aim is by the end of the year when I will have finished Next Level Mixing and Mastering then the whole thing will be me, rather than robots! No offence to robots, it would just be great to think I could do the whole thing from choosing and manipulating the kick drum to mastering the end product.

Please give honest feedback. If you love it, that’s great, but what am I missing? I have uploaded it to learn and improve. I do appreciate that part of that learning may also be to ‘stop over analysing things!’

Thank you…

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Wow, what a difference!

I am no that familiar with this genre. But my first concern is the kick which I think is a bit muddy and loud compared to the other elements but that might be intentional?

I like the track though from a musical and arrangement point of view.


Thanks. definitely not the intention! will fix that. the Kick is still one of my huge problem areas. Will add to the same post as i make the improvements.

Elton! I was with you in MF haha, Never heard a track from you, amazing composition I like a lot, I think the kick is the only problem in your track, because all the other elements sound wide and good for the ear

Try kick by sonic academy is good for making kicks from scratch:)

Thanks for the feedback Alejandro (@lexwolker).

The kick and supersaws seem to be my biggest issues. I have plenty of samples and use Battery. I also have D16’s Punchbox. I will try Kick. I have seen it before and just thought i may be getting into buying that illusive ‘fix’ which never actually delivers a fix. It is cheap enough though so will give it a try.

I’m glad you like the composition part. This is definitely a genre i would like to do more with. I could almost see each track having a ‘non orchestral’ version too just in case anyone found it good enough to play in a club…

Nice track yeah kicks a little shade they need to shine but like the mix

Thanks Ucci, Will open it back up and sort the Kick, then repost.

Nice mix! Great job!
I’m in the mixing foundation too, hope to upload a track here soon to get your thoughts.
But i think i heard the main theme somewhere. Did you follow a tutorial or something?

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Great ears and memory @Eugen! The basis (chord progression etc.) was a sonic academy tutorial. Then I moded the lead and added the orchestral part. Then, I did mixing foundations and realised why the track never sounded right!! I am just redoing it again now I have completed next level mixing and on next level mastering. it will sound completely different again soon. And no more LANR!! It is amazing the difference from before starting the course to now. I dont just do things differently, I think differently. Didn’t expect that…