Not sure what to call this song, but i thought i'd share it

always looking for feedback and if there are any singers out there who want to collaborate lmk!

definetely was inspired by ken bauers sound and also elton on the forum!


Mate, how you have that kick is awesome. Lots of punch in there. Loved the pluck. I did feel like it fought a little as the piano came in, so an area to look at. In mine, I have started to really strip back how many different ‘parts’ are on at the same time. So, layered synths definitely, as long as they have the same notes (even if different octaves). This is just to stop the fighting for rhythmic space if that makes sense.

Loved the synth towards the end too. What about some filtering to bring it in? Then, the auto-tune on the voice that was only at times noticeable, made me want more! Is there anywhere you could make it almost vocoder ish?

Great track Jacob. Well done mate. Hope the feedback helps. Have you taking it to Danny at office hours yet?

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Wow wow wow!! It feels great to be headed in the right direction according
to you Elton. your laying in your tracks is really sophisticated and
something that most people can’t do effectively. This means a lot bro. I
haven’t made it to danny’s office hours cause I have to work all the times
his classes are in sessions right now. Must figure out solution.

I wish mix master group had like a pool of singers who wanted to
collaborate with us…I definetely use the auto tune a lot but i think my
vocals are so off key sometimes that it just can’t catch it all. Let’s find
some good singers and have them join on! I will also try with vocoder in
RAZOR synth from NI reaktor. that’s pretty good. Can’t wait to hear some of
your newer tracks…i thought your older ones were clutch! thank you very
much as always.

Jacob M Friedman

kick was vengeance either electro vol 3 or minimal house I’ll check for
exact if you want.
Jacob M Friedman

No worries mate and thanks for your thoughts on my layering of stuff. We are all just learning and doing our best remember. When we think different to that, we may as well pack up and go home!!

I have a remix I will post next week. @TheSheep (Sean) has done the final mixing and mastering, which is a good collaboration thanks to MMWA. Now, as you say we just need singers!

Yeah, the Vengence stuff is really good. I use Kick2 from sonic academy. That is really good for shaping and tuning a kick.

Don’t worry with reference to your own vocals. Play to strengths and for now, if you think you are off key, then just make an effect of the auto tune. Later, you will have the singer that you wish you had now. What about using You could send someone the track without vocal and with your vocal as a ‘guide’. They could send back dry vocals and even add their own flair/harmonies if you ask them to.

Keep going Jacob, you are on the right track…

That’s sounds so cool! I can’t wait to hear your new track! I’m going to keep working on these new ones and when the right opportunity presents itself I’ll look for a real vocalist. Thank you!

Jacob M Friedman

Wow this remind kind of the structure of some songs in search of sunrise (tiesto album) , awesome job, for me just some tweeks in eq and stereo imager , wider is louder

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How does tiesto do it???!!! We should have a thread just on his production and mixing techniques lol

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