New track on Talent Pool


Since I am among friends here. If someone would like to give me a vote on my track I would appreciated it and also If you have any ideas for improvement let me know HERE and not over at the Talent Pool… :wink:

or if you just wanna listen to the track and feedback me:




I must say there is a nice groove going on on this track.

I will give my opinion about what I’m missing for the production stage :

  • I would love to hear a little bit more transition’s sounds (sweep, riser, downer, downlifter, you know what I mean). I think some of them could be longer. I really miss one or two more on 0:30. Because it was so a little break, I didn’t expect a chord progression there, even at the second audition. So I would maybe mark a transition between those two intros.
  • I not a big fan of the recurring little break before each drop (the one with the “downer synth”). It’s fun ok, but it does’nt sound to me to be part of the same palette of sound than the rest of the track.
  • I’m enjoying your groove, your basslines. I like the riff at 1:42, the main riff I guess.
  • After the build-up, at 2:43, I find the break to weak, to shot to conduct to a drop. And I find the drop not powerful enough compare to the end of the build-up. I hear like the same power. The difference is the occupation of the stereo field.
  • Love the snare at 1:04. Fat and punchy. Well saturated.
  • The break at 3:17 : I not fan of the snare, but maybe it is due to the damned soundcloud’s compression. Maybe insert some kind of general gate effect on the mix buss. The signal should pass during the snare with a little bit of release. It will insert some short silence that will maybe contrast better with the power of the upcoming drop.
  • Maybe I’m missing of some hit-hats or percs.
  • I think a little vocal gimmic as on “Dirty Basslines” of Maddix or a speaking synth as on “KABOOM” of Bali Bandits should be really nice and will add some human “interaction” with the audience. Or from “BOOM!” of Tujamo : the “Ho my God that’s so fuck*** good !” :grin:

I’m more a Trance guy than an Electro guy, but this track has to my humble opinion a great potential, especially in term of groove and basslines. In overal, I would love to hear more dirty sounds, more bangy sounds like for exemple your kick on Defected or Bling. A little bit dirtier and less deep-housy (Am I understandable :sunglasses: ?). And more surcharged power ! :triumph:


Thank you for your time and detailed suggestions. I will definitely think about how I can use your suggestions. I think it was interesting to hear that you miss my harder sounds from Defected or Bling because this time I deliberately tried to make a more gently deep/progressive track. Maybe I need to go back to my harder roots or find a good balance between.

Thank you again, and do let me know if I can return the favor by giving you feedback on any current or future tracks.



Also, on a side note. I am extra glad you are on my favorite DAW S1 as well.



I find myself also fighting about my own style (in Trance music). Sometimes I want a more gently melody and sounds, but each time the harder side of myself want to take the lead :grin:. So I think the futur will tell you what’s your ID, what’s your sound. Two things are true : Perseverance and Time

When I will be happy with a track of mine, I will let you know. Thanks a lot !

Man this DAW is so damn good about workflow ! I was a hard Ableton and Pro Tools user for years, but I discover it and know I want to produce and mix like never before. I know Cubase is good, complete also for the movie industry, but there is something about Studio One, I don’t know… It’s just magic !


Hi Ken,

Nice work, it sounds full fat and proud. I like the Disco feel you’ve given it, it’s a nice chilled track. The verbs/basslines sound on point! Great!! :sunglasses:


Hi Ken

Nice track, nice mixing! Voted!

Thanks for sharing!



Nice work Ken. I only had my iPad speakers, so not the best referencing gear, but I like the groove.


Thanks, much appreciated. /K


Thanks! I appreciate taking the time.



Cool. Thanks for checking it out.

Last time I reached the #1 spot with nice comments from the Spinnin team will be interesting to see if they think it is better or worse than last one Defected that is a lot harder.