What a difference a course makes!

Guys, I have to share these with you. Obviously, feedback very welcome. If you go to older tracks on my Soundcloud, you will hear the difference between them and the three below. Can’t thank @Danny, @Kristin and my fellow Mix Master Wyatt / Next Level Sound students enough. Special mention must go to @TheSheep too for final mastering. I Have learnt so much and part of that is to know my strengths and weaknesses. I love the writing/production part!!



These are incredible!!! congrats. “All we have” is my fav at this moment. super beautiful and haunting, great arrangement of track- progresses in a great way…. love it. yay!!!


Glad to hear it! It is my latest one. Shows progress…

wow elton sounds awesome! I love trance for me is one of the top genres

congrats in your tracks , duelling minds remember me of gaia!


Ta mate. The difference in the ‘before and after’ is unreal. So glad I found this place!

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Merry Christmas and awesome to hear your work! I can really feel the power in these tracks and clean eqing. Keep sharing your tracks it’s so great to hear the mastery behind someone who gives such great advice to others. Do you post your songs on YouTube too?


Love the tracks. Great work and progress. As stated before me. Keep them coming.


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Thanks Jacob. I have just started to put together the whole YT and FB side of things. I only have the three tracks that I think are good enough for those so far, with a fourth one currently in mastering with @TheSheep.

The YT link is;

The Facebook link is;

Welcome any feedback.