Hello everyone! Excited to be here!

Hey everyone!

I just joined the full Mixing and Mastering course after barely having started over on Mixmasterwyatt.com with the mixing foundations course. I am PUMPED to be here, I’ve loved the course so far and I can’t wait to participate on the live sessions as I’ve only watched prerecorded classes . It appears things will only get better under the new nextlevelsound banner and it is great to be here from the start of that.

A bit about myself, I was a pro musician making a decent living when very young. That led to a career in audio post for film and TV which I did lots of for quite some time until I just had enough. Quit everything and sold everything and traveled for quite some time with my wife. While i was still composing and recording a fair bit, I felt I needed a break from the studio. Now I am back full force, once again fully enjoying music and recording a solo album to be released sometime next year which, of course I will hopefully mix and master to very high standards thanks to Danny’s wisdom! My music is probablly something along the lines of Leonard Cohen meets Massive Attack’s lovechild with C.W. Stoneking. These days I am based in Paris, France but spend a fair amount of time in Mexico City as well.

I look forward to meeting all of you along the way!



Welcome aboard! I enroll to next level mixing, I already took other courses in this school and my mixing skills get a lot better!

Feel free to share your music

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to a very special family. We’re all here to help so never feel you’re asking silly questions as there are none! (well unless it’s the winning lotto numbers haha). I hope you enjoy the school and have fun!

Good luck.

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Welcome Paul,

You will find a lot of Danny Disciples in here. Kristin has really helped me a lot too and also Justin, more so on the forums and in Grads Club as I am a Cubase guy, (not yet Ableton). These guys all know their stuff. Scott I know more through reputation. When my music is good enough, I am definitely doing his program though to see where it can go.

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