MixMasterWyatt Academy: NEXT LEVEL MIXING II

Has anyone had a chance to participate in the new music course, “Next Level Mixing II”, offered by MixMasterWyatt, because I am interested to know what great and new insight and knowledge is provided in the course?

(I’m a student in the Ultimate Mixing & Master Program and I’ll probably be registering for Next Level Mixing II – to improve my mixing and mastering skills and knowledge)

I think this course is very intresting because it is focusing on a practical approach. It consists of following Danny and the others students through the making of at least one full mix.

Thanks for the feedback Valentin.Meys!

Mr. Wyatt is awesome! Though I don’t “follow” (because of personal reasons), having the opportunity to learn from a professional who is constantly evolving himself to better an Audio Mix & Mastering (while informing the Mixing & Mastering students within the Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Program and on this particular forum of his new audio findings) is worthwhile and rewarding because in the Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Program I got a chance to learn about the old analog (bulky) machine insight/approaches and the new digital Plugin insight/approaches which improves my overall “audio-mix-ear” and mixing & mastering techniques. Plus, Mr. Wyatt comes from both eras.

I like how Mr. Wyatt is willing to purchase and talk about new audio-gear (that may not be in his immediate repertoire of audio tools) while teaching and if Mr. Wyatt doesn’t know something…he’ll say so but find a correct and proper way to explain with the audio-tools currently present. This has taught me as an improving audio engineer to not dismiss anything pertinent to the overall sound improvement of the audio mix and master.

What’s interesting…is how I can now “soncially” listen to music (in which I can immediately notify different things and I must say that having a big budget doesn’t [necessarily] equate to having an awesome mix and mastering…something I also learned in cinematography).

Since I am a proverbial “soak-sponge”, I look forward to anything that MixMasterMyatt Academy can offer to “sonically” improve my audio -mixing and -mastering.