NEW: Next Level Mixing II

Hey Everyone!

Based on your feedback we’ve created a completely new course - Next Level Mixing II - and it is the most advanced mixing course that we have developed to date.

Course description:

Get inspired to go deeper into advanced mixing with the newest addition to our world-famous Core Course Mixing Program: Next Level Mixing II

Optimize your mixing workflow by building your own personalized mixing template. Refine your approach to creative automation, advanced buss processing, and instrument-specific advanced techniques for drums, bass, and vocals. And conclude the course with a two-week Mixing Shootout with your online classmates – and me.

The all-new Next Level Mixing II curriculum features:

  • Ultimate Mixing Tools: VCA faders, Pan-laws, Post and pre-fader processing
  • Advanced Signal Routing
  • Advanced Buss Processing
  • Ultimate Mixing Templates
  • Advanced Vocal Mixing
  • Advanced Drums Mixing
  • Advanced Bass Mixing
  • Advanced Automation
  • Advanced modulating FX
  • Innovative Mixing Shootouts

Perfect for those who have taken Mixing Foundations and Next Level Mixing! and for all intermediate and advanced producers who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills.


Next Level Mixing II 2017 session starts Wednesday, June 21st
Wednesday and Friday 11-00 AM – 11-50 AM EST
Open Office Hours: Wednesday 4PM EST

Seats are limited!

Next Level Mixing II is compatible with any DAW and plugin collection.

Sign up here:

If you have any questions - please ask here


I will certainly be signing up for this!

If it’s good for @Paul then it’s good for me. I will be on a future course though so that I have completed next level mixing 1!

Already signed here :slight_smile:
See you on board folks :slight_smile:

Definitely doing this…AFTER…I finish next level mixing 1…which starts on the 19th!

I think a few of us are Derek… I know Sean is up for it.

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What plug-ins are necessary for this course? If I take it, I want to make sure I have them before starting the class.

Also I’m torn if I should take next level mixing 1 or if I should jump straight into this course, as the advanced bus processing and mixing template sections look really intriguing. I’ve been an engineer/producer for several years, and have bachelors degree in it so, maybe next level 2 is a better investment than next level 1?

Hey @AlexNovick, if you go to the main homepage of the site where you get the chat facility, ask @Danny and give him the details of how you currently work etc. He really helped me to decide what I would get most value from first etc. What I can say is that I get those ‘LightBulb’ moments in almost every session. Danny is very good, not just in his technical ability but also as an educator. He covers a lot of not just ‘how’, but ‘why’ and suddenly things make a whole lot more sense. I don’t know, but i bet there will be things in each level that you think ‘doh! I’ve been missing that’!!

Hope that helps. I am on Next Level Mixing 1 from next week. There are a great bunch of guys on that course if you can get on it??

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yup Ill be doing this one in the future. these courses are the absolute best.

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@derekjuan @Elton I am indeed :wink: I’m going to look at doing it after (or during) the mastering course. Are you doing the ultimate course?

Yes. My thing is, I also want to do composition. So, I intend to do NLM 2 and composition but need to know chicken and egg, which one first! Will speak to @Danny to workout the best timetable.

NLM 2 is so good guys, we had our first session yesterday and damn this is going to be fun!


I’m looking forward to it @Paul - I’m well jell lol :slight_smile:

I’d like to do the EDM comp, I have no issue putting stuff together, but would like to learn the chords, tech etc

Yeah, I want to learn the science behind tension and release for example rather than trial and error. I know others may think this is the wrong way, but I want a formula!! Not for everything to sound the same, but so that I move from 80% perspiration 20% enjoying the end result (on a good day) to at least 50/50. I do have another issue which is I know I am a perfectionist and that isn’t a good condition to have. I love it when i am in the groove with a track, but that isn’t the majority of the time for me.

I also want to know (which is tied to the tension and release a bot anyway I think) about chord inversions and when to use them for what effect.

Remember @TheSheep there are only four chords required though…

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I don’t have a science behind it, I just feel the music. If it feels good I go with it.

Use the force Sean, Feel. Don’t Think. And Remember, I will always be there…

Sure I have heard that advice before somewhere…

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Haha a classic, love those films.

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