The NEW Next Level Sound School

After a number of years, Mix Master Wyatt and the more recently created Next Level Sound, are merging into one new and improved school. I am really excited to be part of the process as a student of Mixing and Composition and having learnt so much through the school. I freely tell people how working with @Danny and @Kristin has completely changed the quality of what I produce. Hence why I want to be an active member of the whole Next Level Sound community.

There is a ton of new ideas and improvements going on and as if it was possible (!), the end result will be so much better than even what we had before.

There are a group of people, including some of the mixmasterwyatt graduates currently helping to move everything across to the new technologies. It is taking time though, so we think we need another few days (give us the weekend!) before it is all perfect. In the meantime, everything is there, but you may need to get @Danny on the live chat if you can’t find something. By next week, there will be more sign posting etc.

If you became a student before 1st February, then shortly, all of your courses will be in the new school. For those not already inside the new school, it is looking so cool. I can’t wait to see it next week with even more features.

If you are just hanging on the forum and have never become a student of the school, then this won’t have meant a lot to you. Thanks for reading anyway!!