Changes to the Forum

Hey guys,

This is going to be a busy week with the final integration of the ‘legacy’ sites for MixMasterWyatt and Next Level Sound. The final part is the integration of the forum.

Pretty much everything is now setup in the new school. If you find anything that you expected to see and it isn’t there, please use the live chat as it is our quickest way to correct anything. Phase one of this week is finalising that.

Phase two is to move all existing student’s courses across. Legacy students have received some pre-launch offers to help compensate for the ‘change’. This involves students setting up a new account for the new system. Then, we combine all previously bought courses and memberships into one.

Finally, and the part that affects the forum, we integrate the forum. When we do this, it is likely that your password will need resetting. Although the forum is staying exactly where it is, we are integrating the login through the new school so that students have a single login for everything. We do have a little gift in store to ease this bit of pain too!! We have already tested this bit while you weren’t looking and it works great and nothing will be lost. Well, just your password.

The whole move has been a huge one, but one that is bringing a lot of new benefits for the entire school and forum users. Thank you for your patience. Within a couple of weeks now, we are sure everyone will be so glad we took the decision to do this upgrade.


congratulation on the new platform… look so professional

just a comment hope next level sound expand to instagram and fb! I mean more ads

this is one of the top schools in music

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Hey Alejandro,

Thank you!

As a fellow student, I completely agree that this is one of, if not the top school and especially with the new expanded courses and even more exciting news in the pipeline.

Yes, this week is all about making sure the current students/forum members are all safely across into the new platform. Then, the Free Webinar series starts again from Monday and we start a ‘new and improved’ marketing plan that we will try to make live up to the quality of the teaching. Now that is a challenge!!

Thanks again. this last 2 weeks and probably for another 1 week, there has been challenges in making sure we try to get the move right for everyone, but we are pretty much there now and it is so exciting for the future of our school.