Mix Master Wyatt Mixing Foundations Self Study Urgent

I am currently attending university so my schedule only allowed for the self study program. I had just enrolled and began the mixing foundations program self study roughly a week ago. When I attempted to log in today however the site was completely different. My logins did not work, and my email to retrieve password did not work. I had just forked out a lot of money for this course and I do not know what to do now. Any suggestions or comments would be nice. Thanks

Also I apologize if I wasn’t supposed to start a chat I am very new to this also.

Hello Kobe,the site just change ,are you trying to log in nextlevelsound.com ?in case you log doesn’t work here just hit the chat and ask Danny.Nothing it’s lost don’t worry,you will get back anything’s soon.


Hey @Kobe, like @Tripack says, just hit @Danny on the chat or support at Next level sound .com if that didn’t work, but i am sure that is the situ. There was an email explaining, so may be worth checking the ‘junk’ folder too!

Any problems, just shout and we are here to help the transition go smooth for you…

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Thanks! I’ll do that.