How did you find the Mixing and Mastering course?

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:

Im planning on enrolling in the full mixing and mastering course after September. I was wondering if any recent students could share their experience and if this has helped you progress in your work? Also what level was you at before you enrolled? Any examples of your music before and after the course and the areas that you really upped the anti due to Daniel’s teachings? How did you find the feedback etc? Is the course content helpful and packed with useful and applicable knowledge?

Ive been making electronic music for 8 years now so I would say I’m coming in as an advanced user who is looking to sharpen up on skills and techniques, iron out any areas that could do with improvement such as compression, eq and saturation etc. Making the mixes more coherent, exciting and just generally just trying to up my game.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post and respond :slight_smile: James

Do it man. I first came across Danny’s free videos on youtube in december/jan and was blown away by the technical DEPTH of the content.

I’m a process oriented guy myself, but I also have a tendency to want to trial and error and figure things out from scratch. i.e. re-inventing the wheel. Its better than not improving at all but it makes things take longer. Since I’ve been applying Danny’s process, I’ve been getting the results I want, in a fraction of the time, and now feel much more deliberate with how I’m producing/mixing/mastering my own work.

I’m about to launch a single on itunes/spotify next week and I would not have been able to get it to a place where I am truly proud of it without Danny shaving like 5-10years or more off of my trial and error timeline.

Not only that but I’m doing the self study course and havent even attended a single meeting yet. So I can only imagine once my workschedule becomes less 9-5 next month that I will start doing office hours and other live events.

TLDR; its handsdown the best investment i have made into music thus far.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: Im definitely sold on it now. I’ve been looking at other online courses and non of them seem as good for intermediate to advanced producers. I also saw a few of the live sessions and Daniels content on Youtube, he’s on point! :slight_smile:

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Good afternoon, jamesorvis87.

Before I provide insight to this wonderful audio mixing and mastering program and the beautiful people here at nextlevelsound forum group, I would like to first elaborate on how I went about finding and selecting the Ultimate Mixing & Master Program (so that, you may have a better understanding of my reasons for selecting Mr. Wyatt’s awesome audio mixing & mastering program).

As many people know, there’s a lot of insight in the current world about audio -mixing and -mastering (from a ton of different people). Right. As many people know, there’s a lot of music that exists from many different music genres. Right. As many people know, there’s a few different usages for having skills to create high quality audio -mixing and -mastering. Right. And as many people know, there’s a lot of different audio-people who have been successful at mixing- and mastering- audio. Right.

So for me, instead of getting lost in the sea of “how tos”, “I do it this way”, and the like, I chose to be taught, trained, enlighten, and molded by Mr. Wyatt by way of the Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Program. This way, more of my focus and time would go to building a STRONG foundation for audio -mixing and -mastering by one proverbial voice. And I must say, the Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Program has taught, trained, enlighten, and molded me in a way that I didn’t fully get from the sea of “how tos”, “I do it this way” and the like (when I was in my research phase of trying to find a suitable program to teach, train, enlighten, and mold “from the ground up”). Because many of the proverbial “how tos”, “I do it this way” and the like, seem to be more devoted to discrediting other successful audio-people (with the intent to win-over “followers”, “subs”, fanatics, kudos, etc.) than building a strong foundation for high quality audio -mixing and -mastering “from the ground-up” that could be EVENTUALLY “branched off” to whatever deem-able audio -mixing and -mastering style, techniques, or form fit for each individual person.

For example (during my research process), I’ve never heard other audio-people mention the importance of integrating “Tape” or Digital Tape Machine in to the early foundation of the audio -mix and -mastering the way that Mr. Wyatt explained, elaborated, and showed within the Mixing Foundations course. Plus, the folks at Next Level Sound make themselves available for any questions (in live chats and e-messages).

NOTE: Initially, I desired to improve the quality of the film dialogue and film scores in my film projects to sound exactly the same as the high quality film dialogue and film scores heard from movies in movie theaters around the world because I aim to have my film projects be on the same professional level (with the intent to be the best at what I do…it’s a personality thing).

I would highly recommend Next Level Sound. I started the Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Program a year ago (in the online version).