Thinking about taking the composition course

i watched Danny’s video on parrellel compression with the pro C2 and have been using it in my mastering since, that brought me to this site, i have an apollo twin duo and use uad plugs all the time as well as others and might be thinking about also taking the mixing course but i’ve got a fairly good grip on mixing and mastering so right now i’m more interested in the composition course.

i noticed it said 3x 8 week terms but as far as lesson plans can i work at my own pace and when it comes to communication with the mentor is it fairly easy or more just about watching the recorded lessons and not so much communication?

Also are the recored classes somewhat easy to understand and grasp as long as you go step by step and can anyone share their experience and if it was worth it?

I find the course videos to be good. But I feel you need to have the fundamentals down and I think the course lists suggested pre-requisites. I usually workshop a song each week in office hours and Kristen’s and the classes’ feedback is very helpful. We also cover a variety of topics and have writing exercises.

Thanks for the heads up, I decided to enroll in the complete mixing and mastering course with Danny and am doing theory stuff at a different spot for the time being, but if i feel like its not a game changer will check the composition one here.

Hey man sweet!. I enrolled in the complete mixing and mastering course and am so glad I did. I have learned so much and I am just starting Mixing 2!. It is a game changer. I was a producer and never properly learned engineering. This has made a huge difference. Probably good to get into the theory first if you haven’t had it. We are pretty much doing a composition a week. But that is a pace I set for myself.