A Question About Automation Workflow


Hey y’all so I was just looking for some advice on good automation workflow habits? What are some techniques out there to follow? I heard that you want to balance your sounds (Faders set) and then when automating sort of work backwards in a sense where your loudest moments of the song are where the faders are set and then automate them to turn down for like the intro for example so it doesn’t mess up your levels for any sidechains, rather then turning things up from where the faders have been set when you want louder moments. Hope that makes sense and appreciate any feedback!

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Yes, you hit the nail on the head.

Very similar to how I automate and I always automate near the end of the project.

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I’m with Paul that is how I do it. But I do not automate the faders. I add a gain plugin and automate that. This way any tweaks I want to make to the balance is easily done to a track with a fader and I don’t have to go mess with my automation which takes more time and can mess with the vibe.


That sounds like a great way to handle it, BBM. I’m going to try that approach. Thanks.

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