Feedback - mix & master in the box

Hello guys Im new here! I just finished a new mix and master using everything I learned in the course, really need some feedbacks about this job to get better and better, please be very critical… thank u so much guys! <3

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I like the arrangement of your remix

I think it will be great before the drop hits you should decrease a few db (automation) and parcial split more mono and then the drop hits in stereo this will make a great impact and will make your mixing sounds louder

Great mastering btw :slight_smile:


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btw partial split it can be achive with s1 stereo imager from waves

Yooo, Lexwolker!

Thank you so much! I will try do do the mono automation with the S1, it was a great idea! I also think that this build up is a little bit loud too! Tks mate!! really need some opinions about this mix/master process!