A Question About Phase Issues

Evening Everybody. So I’ve been working on this Mix, I’ve got a Long Sustained Bass and a Kick Drum doing it’s thing and when some of the Kick Sound Waves hit I noticed they sound different due to some Phase Cancellation. Now to take care of this I’ve been manually goin in there and slicing some of my Kick Sound Waves (the ones that are Phasing out) and shifting them over a couple nudges. My question is, does anyone know of a better work flow practice or a more efficient way of doing this? Is there perhaps a Plug-In someone could recommend that would help me with this? Would appreciate any recommendations!

Sound Radix Auto-Align and PI, and Waves In-Phase are the ones I use.

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Thanks Paul! Always coming through with the info!

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I would think ducking the bass to the kick would solve this problem. Are you using any sidechain compression?

I do! I use Pro-Mb but for whatever reason even with the sidechaining it was still where the kick would hit and on some hits it would lose some of its integrity when the Bass was active.

If you are still having trouble then I would suggest an actual volume ducker like Volumeshaper or LFO tool. I use Volumeshaper these days and love it

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