Advanced reverb

Hey guys, can you share with me how do you set up reverb when mixing drums and bass and sub. Thank you very much

Was there anything specific you need to know? It might be easier to show you rather than type it out :wink:

From what I understand if you wanted to do that you send the Bass to a return track that has a Pre-Eq to cut off the Low End, the Reverb Plug-In Fully Wet, then a Post Eq. The logic being you want to cut those Low Frequencies that will muddy up the mix. Anyone else wanna back me up on that? This is from my understanding.

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That sounds right. If you’re using FabFilter Pro-Q2 on the reverb return track before the reverb, make sure to use the Linear Phase-medium setting rather than Zero or Natural. But then use Natural phase on the post EQ. And for reverb, Danny always recommends an Ambience type sound for kick or bass or sub rather than a large space and keep the predelay to 0.


Thanks for the info. One thing that I’m still struggling with is what frequency range low end is? Seems like a rather broad term to me and hard to pinpoint.

And is the pre EQ on the sends always set to linnear, or does that only apply to reverb?

And one final question: How do you define an ambience reverb?

I think of low frequency as below 100 Hz or so, where the meat of the kick and bass live.

Linear EQ is best applied to copies of signals - i.e. sends to reverb returns or to amp returns.

Ambience reverb is a small space, as opposed to a room, chamber or hall. No pre-delay but enough to make a difference to the sound of the original signal without it really being heard as space, just enough so that if it’s turned off you can detect a distinct difference.


Makes sense! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Kevin😊

Out of curiosity would you use let’s say Bricasti ambience for kick and bass? And where would you do the EQ cut? Not sure if the reverb is intended for the low end or low- to high mids when it comes to kick and bass.