Parallel compression before or after reverbs?

Hey guys,

Just finished up the AWESOME Next Level Mixing class, where we learned how to set up parallel compression and reverbs return tracks. My question – do you guys tend to set up your reverb aux tracks first, and then your parallel comp, or the other way around? Does the order matter? just trying to get my workflow tight!


I like to get all my ‘setup’ done before I start to channel strip. That way, when I want to ‘send’ the channel, everything is already setup. However, you do then still have to go in and modify the reverbs etc, it’s just to save that disruption of setting the channels up during mixing. It’s probably an individual thing though…

Just to add to that though, i dont actually send the signal to the reverbs until the parallel compression is done.

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hmmm. thats interesting Elton because in the courses Danny channels strips each element and adds reverb via sends as he goes and seems to be adamant about this. then when all the drums are mixed he sets up the parallel drum buss and routes the reverbs to the parallel buss (pre). there are of course many ways to “skin a cat” but this is the way Danny teaches, unless I’m missing something. I never actually used to send any reverbs to the parallel drum buss but now am trying it. Im still not sure how I feel about it. I seem to have to either pull down the hats and/or cymbals, and/or percs parallel send levels or just not send them at all to the parallel drum buss because they just get crunchy or take up too much room adding clutter or mhf mud. I add de-essers after but it still seems to be a bit unruly. I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same…?

You are right @sight. I do also have a separate reverb for the parallel bus. I have the identical setup to the ‘non parallel bus’, and I sidechain that before it feeds into the parallel bus compression etc. So for the buss itself, I guess I am reverbing as I go, but yes, I should also send to the main reverbs then too. Sounds like Danny will slap my wrists for that! He does say reverb as you go. I will put that right immediately!! :slight_smile:

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