Parallel Drum Routing in Logic Pro X

Hi NLS-ers. Hope everyone is well. I had a question on Parallel Drum Routing. Looking for a little clarity:

In NLM, Danny talked about creating a 3-dimensional space for reverbs where you have a main reverb that everything sends to, and then you define additional front, middle and back spaces and have those tracks that need to live in those spaces send to those specific reverbs. I’m listening to the lesson on creating a parallel drum bus scenario and it goes into discussing stereo mix reverbs vs parallel drum reverbs and how they can’t share the same reverb space. I was under the impression that the parallel drum reverb was to be just one reverb channel but as I listen more, it sounds like it’s saying that you can have more than one parallel drum reverb. Is this suggesting that we create an additional 3-dimensional situation but for the parallel drum bus route? Or, do we create a different parallel drum reverb for the Kick, and one for the Snare, and one for the Hats, etc.? Are you creating as many different parallel drum reverb channels as you think necessary? Just go crazy? I’m hoping someone can clear this up for me. Thanks.

Summary Of Output Routing:
ST REV Channels

  • OUTs set to Stereo Out
  • these reverbs (Main, Front, Middle and Back) define the spaces for the overall mix; keep this approach more traditional

Parallel Drum REV Channel

  • OUTs set to the Drum Bus (the parallel drum bus)
  • get outlandish and creative when channel-stripping this reverb

You setting is on point I think as far as routing. I have used one drum verb as far as parallel processing and as you do send it into the channel strip.

Usually my parallel verbs are an exact copy of the one on that channel so the parallel kick verb is a copy of the stereo kick verb, parallel snare verb a copy of the stereo snare room etc. The stereo verbs are post pan/fader and the parallel verbs are pre fader.

They are going to get slammed and mangled by the parallel drum bus but that is okay.