Looking for Ways to improve my track


I’m wondering how to make the bass better in this track when the sub bass comes in at the end and at 1:00min. I used additive eq to bring out low end and also put native instruments passive eq with “club master” preset on the master output. I think it’s getting better but sounds a little muddy now. I think my reductive eq could be better on the individual instruments because usually I just high pass synths and dont notch anything out because I never know what to take out from a synth like massive.

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well that problem is easy to solve you need to create space

Here is a video that will help you a lot! with the master john christian :slight_smile:




Excellent video. Thank you for sharing. Very helpful all around. Sorry for the late response I just was absorbing what video said.

I do not really agree about what the autor said in that video. For me, you can get great result with a Pro-MB ducking the bass from 0 to something like 250 Hz while the kick is playing. And you do not have to EQ each subby element in opposite directions from each other. It’s what I do and it seems to work for me.

What do you guys think about it ?

Good point cause the video applies more to bass line that stays on 1 note. I have pro c 2. It seems like pro mb is better at this task.

Hi Jacob, yes, the difference is with ProMB you can choose just the frequency range you want affected. And you can have many ‘bands’, so you could apply different levels of ducking to different frequencies.

I think ProMB is the tool for this. If you want an alternative, I sometimes also use wavefactory track spacer to get frequencies out of the way of each other. But I wouldn’t use that for traditional ‘ducking’ duties. More for say getting a pad out of the way of a vocal. A lot more subtle.