Losing midrange?

Hi guys,

I feel that I am losing midrange when doing the @Danny channel strip approach or maybe it’s me that is eq:ing out to much or believing something is missing!?

For example, I remixed this one, the 1.0 mix according to Mix Foundation’s ways of working…or am I just on another planet!?

Would be really interesting to hear what you think?

I think it could be the eq you have done to some sounds on the song… or maybe you need to put another instrument or sound to full those frequencies you say you are loosing…
hope it can be useful to you

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Try multiband saturation for generate mid frecuencies!

Eq will not solve that

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Thanks…will take the lesson first then try multiband sat!!! >:slight_smile:

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Hello. I’m new here, I just purchased the course. So I do not know yet the Channel Strip approach from Danny.

What I can tell is that I’m missing some kind of lead instrument in the middle of your stereo field (like a guitar, a synth or a vocal for exemple). Your melodic instruments are on the side and it’s ok to me. But then the middle is like empty, just filled with the drums and bass.

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Nice track man. What I am hearing on my speakers is a very wide stereo image with not much in the middle. I hear the bass and kick there. I think if you pull the reverb in a bit on the piano and bring it closer in to the center that will give it some weight. Let that synth in the background be the floaty reverb kind of thing. When the guitar comes in I feel it is the lead but is too far back in the stereo image. I want to hear it closer to me. It is lower it in the track now than the sides. And maybe that is part of the issue here. The sides are louder than the middle.
Hope that gives you a few things to try.

Yes! Thanks…I think the day I will put in the lyrics + melody it will change the whole picture! I tried to keep a lot of stuff out of the vocal space that I will put in later!!

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Hey @alexfree, I wouldn’t have thought it was the channel strip? That is just a series of tools, so for example, reductive EQ is in there, but it would be how you do the reduction that would make the difference to frequencies going missing. Have you taken it along to Open Office Hours? Danny will be able to help with what is happening…

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