A Question About Harsh Resonances

Evening Y’all, so i am currently working on a project and I have a sound that I really like but at times in the sound there is a harsh ringing resonance that I just can’t figure out how to make go away. I’ve been using a Equalizer and utilizing the sweeping technique to pin point where they are coming from then applying a gain cut and although I am able to find these resonances I’m curious as to how much is too much to cut away in regards to dB as well as how narrow should my Q be when cutting? I know it was said to not punch a big hole in the sound but I guess what I’m asking is what are the parameters for using Reductive EQ in a situation like this or in general? What are some good practices to follow when dealing with harsh resonances so I can preserve the integrity of my sound while eliminating these harsh resonances?

It all depends on the sound, as to how much you would cut. However, you are right cutting too much generally always adversely effects the sound.
I would recommend using dynamic EQ if the resonance is only present during certain notes, as it will compress the resonance during these sections but not change the sound when it is not resonating.
There is a very good plug-in called ‘Soothe’ by Oaksound that is designed to reduce resonance, maybe worth checking out.

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Thank You Paul! I’m gnna try that I’ve never really used a Dynamic Eq but I do believe I have one from Izotope so we’ll see how it goes! Yea The resonance I’m hearing it’s like a sharp ringing resonance and its right by the initial fundamental frequency so it was a bit tricky to figure out but I am looking forward to trying out this technique!