A Question About “Audio Hiss”

Good Evening everybody. So I was working on a String Pluck that started from a MIdi Plug-in, I channel stripped it up to the point of where it was time to apply Additive Equalization. As I was coming to the end of the Additive Equalization process I noticed that when I raised the Fader up a bit I noticed this “Audio Hiss” that got louder as I continued to turn the Fader up.

I Also wanna note that any Noise Reduction settings on any previous Plug-Ins were activated.

Does anyone have any insight as to where this Audio Hiss Noise may have come from, as well as how to prevent this?

What plug-ins are in the channel strip? If it is a MIDI instrument the source should not have any hiss. I would bypass plug-ins one-by-one to determine the culprit. An other possibility could be gain staging.

Hey there Paul, so I went back to the source and followed the signal and found out where the Hiss was coming from! I have the Virtual Mix Rack from Slate Digital and had like five equalizers going (3 FG-S and 2 FG-N), as soon as I bypassed them the Hiss went away. Was that a wrong move on my part to do that many equalizers or is this something that is commonly done?

5 EQs in a row seems quite excessive. Best to follow @Danny’s channel stripping system.

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