Cubase Beginner seeking production guidance

I need to start making progress in cubase.

I have forestalled production due to DAW unfamiliarity and complete lack of systematized work flow.

My plan is to start by establishing a template for myself with a focus on percussion and the drum bus (since much of the music I like is very percussion oriented ie reggaeton, cumbia, samba, african music, trap, cinematic drums)

Does anyone have any advice towards developing a competent drum work flow in cubase?

Should I use multiple output rotting in Groove Agent and individually process each one shot?

Does anyone prefer a third party VST instead of Groove Agent?

I already have many industry standard Kontakt libraries and SD3 as well

Does anyone have any resources or advice to share?



@slay have you been to the free Cubase user group? You can grab some live input on there too.

Cubase User Group
Live Training: Friday 3 pm - 3:50 pm EST
Live Training Link:
*the link is current at time of post, but just ask in a reply for a new one if it doesn’t work.

I use Revolution and Evolution from Wave Alchemy. But then, especially with Revolution, it is because I want to be a purist on the old drum machines. Evolution is probably more powerful and has a lot more ‘variety’.

I do use multiple outputs so that I can treat each channel as needed with the channel strip workflow from the Mixing part of the Mixing and Mastering Program.

I am still getting used to this one channel in the arrange and separate in the mixer when producing I have to admit!

For my Kick, I still use Kick2 from Sonic Academy. I love it for Kicks.

Hi! I personally use Battery 4 for all my drum & perc samples. I have bad experiences with using Steinberg’s build in software since they always update it with each new version and if you are trying to open old projects it usually gives you trouble because you don’t have the plugin any more. No matter what sampler you are using it is definitely a good idea to use multiple outputs but I actually would recommend to render all your stuff to audio when you are done with your composition. Cubase allows you to disable the source track/instrument and then hide it in the visibility pane so you can actually save a lot of CPU and RAM to get a beautiful mix going. Good luck

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