NLS Cubase User Group New Time and Link - FREE

Hi All! The Next Level Sound Cubase User Group starting this week is now meeting at 1 pm EST on Mondays.

Here’s the link NLS Cubase Registration Link

Come and hang and learn more about Cubase! It’s Free (for now).

See you Monday!


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hey Danny, I want to put forward a question for the session, if there is time to cover it: “best practices for render in place”. Cheers and ttfn.

I still haven’t figured out how to quickly recall my instrument setups. As a reminder my question was how would you recall instrument configurations that involve multiple FX channels maybe even routing (I want my delay to go to the reverb instead of to the master). Currently it seems like you either have the option to save a template which actually works most of the time if you just wanna practice some piano for example. The other way would be obviously to save a track preset, but the way that that seems to be designed is that it only recalls 1 single track (as the name suggests :slight_smile: ). The only way would be to put all FX on an insert but obviously you wouldn’t have enough freedom to put FX on your FX something like eqing what goes in and out of a reverb/delay. The only problem I have is that I can’t import my template into a session that already has other stuff in it because the template simply requires a new project and as I explained all FX on the inserts doesn’t work for me either. I don’t wanna spend like 5 or 10 min every time to set up my piano (by that time I already forgot my idea that I wanted to record).

Obviously the easiest way to implement that into cubase would be if you put your “setup” in a folder track and Cubase would allow you to recall the folder track with all it’s contents.

I’m participating in an online class (The Cubase Lab with Matthew Hepworth) on which is every week on wednesday at 3 PM EST maybe he has a solution on how you would do this otherwise it might be a good idea to contact Greg Ondo.

See you friday!

Hey Marcel…thanks for the detailed question. I will be hanging with Greg in person on Thursday and see what he thinks…should have a report on Friday for you live.

That’s great! Looking forward to it.

@Danny Can you pls also ask if he knows when VST3 instruments finally get the possibility to route audio into them. I recently read in an article on that VST3 was designed to have this feature (the article was already years old).

A lot of synths have the capability to use external audio, in some u can use external audio as an additional OSC, some even offer to use external audio in a mod matrix or you can simply route your audio through your favorite synth filter.

Here is the link

@Danny I just asked Greg in the Google Hangout and he explained how to do it. Instead of saving it as a trackpreset you select all tracks and then choose “Export - Selected tracks” and it saves an xml-file and then you can recall everything by selecting “Import - Track Archive”. That actually also works if you wanna recall all the FX tracks you used in the last session etc. Phenomenal!!! I was looking for that feature for sooooooo long.