STUDENT: Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Program | Work In Progress

Good evening everyone. My name is Lorenzo and I am a current online student in the MixMasterWyatt Academy’s Ultimate Mixing & Mastering Program. And the purpose of this particular “topic” is share a current “Work In Progress” to this community of audio enthusiasts and professionals, in which Mr. Wyatt continuously recommend students to do (during the online courses) to attain valuable feedback.

As such, this particular music-track is a guitar-solo (a “Nylon-str.Gt” according to my composing DAW) designated as a film-score to a film scene for an upcoming feature film. I also planned to incorporate a Piano portion but in order to insinuate the film-scene the way I feel the guitar-solo can accurately do…removing or leaving-out the Piano portion is necessary (for now).

In regard to the upcoming mix and mastering (for this particular “RAW” guitar-solo), I haven’t “touched” the guitar-instrument with any plugins or mixing & mastering tools…I just composed the guitar-solo a couple of weeks ago and rise the volume.

FYI: I have all of the FabFilter (i.e., Total Bundle) & UAD plugins.

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Hey @LorenzoMorganJr, welcome on board!

This is definitely the place to share tracks. As you go through the course, you will be amazed at how much you can transform your recorded sounds. Especially if you have UAD!

It would be intersting (not for the purpose of the film) to hear what you could do,with just an acoustic guitar loop when you get to the ‘modulating fx’ part and start looking at Soundtoys. Could be a fun and interesting side project for you…

Welcome, @LorenzoMorganJr - I think you’ll enjoy being a part of the family!

Thanks for the feedback…very insightful and informative.

Are the Soundtoys plugins more suitable for guitar-instruments than the FabFilter- and/or UAD- plugins?

Thanks…I look forward to the experience.

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With the Soundtoys, you will have infinitive options at your fingertips, and it is not so expansive. You will not get modulations fx from Fabilter (exept with Pro-R and TImeless 2 if I remember). Before bying other stuff, watch Danny’s courses so you can make better decision.

You guitar sound indeed raw. But I would “humanize” it a little bit, it’s really robotic. Randomise a little bit the velocity and the time maybe, especially for a soundtrack.

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Thanks Valentin.Meys for the feedback.

I’ve just setup a Soundtoys account to eventually purchase the Student package that includes the 20 Soundtoys plugins.

How does the Slate plugins compare to Soundtoys for mixing a guitar? (Because I also have the Slate plugins as well)

Pretty much what Valentin said! They are different types of plugins really.

It really Sounds good! Very crisp and clear. The Decapitator will really give some warm saturation to that guitar…You will be amazed what it does when you hear it in mixdown.