Softube Weiss DS-1 mk3 + MM-1


It’s been very hard for me not to SCREAM out the news about this on the meetings and on the forum. I almost pissed my pants when they sent me these plugs a couple of weeks ago. Now they are finally released!

In short:
The DS-1 is a precision dynamic tool which you can use for all kinds of nice things. I use it as a de-esser, as a high frequency limiter, a brickwall limiter, a kick tamer, a kick booster, etc… and sometimes also as a normal broad band compressor :wink:
It sounds and behaves very, very much like the hardware… but with a few extras.

The MM-1 is kind of a “best of” DS-1 in a very easy to use format. If you are not very comfortable using different dynamic tools, take a look at this one instead!

Enjoy! ->
(And no, I don’t plan to write about all new plugins I fall in love with here, but this one is HUGE in my little world)


Wow! I owned a couple of there hardware boxes and they were amazing, I look forward to checking these out!


The DS-1 looks amazing. Just red the critics on gearslutz, and the feedback is so positive.

Can’t wait to get time to play with it.


Same here!

Post your thoughts back here when you get a chance, I will do the same.