Linking Panning to Sends in Ableton

Hi Everyone,

Does Ableton Live (I’m using 10), support syncing panning to sends?

In this week’s mixing foundations lessons, Danny had us look into syncing panning to sends in our DAW but noticed in some old ableton forum posts that live doesn’t support this capability. It was from back in 2009 so I’m sure things could have changed, but thought I would check with all of your first!

Also, I noticed Danny had some mentions of “interventions with those trying to mix in Live” in one of the recordings. (LOL)

Is this one of the reasons to switch to Logic for mixing?

Thank you in advance!

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I’m in ableton myself and did the same digging a few weeks back.

I probably saw that same 2009 post after a few hours of digging.

As far as I know its not supported unless its been snuck in to 10.

I know that ableton 10 dos true stereo panning within track… i just dont know if it also does it for sends now

Here is a post I found that helped me. Apparently the issue is Ableton’s Reverb. If you have “Post” selected in the far right hand side of the send row, it makes both the panning and fader post. Ableton’s Reverb sums to mono, that’s why you would hear the centered reverb. I tried it with Valhalla Room and the signal was panned to match the channel I was sending from.