Creating shortcuts for Ableton (PC)

Hi guys
Hope some of my fellow abletonians out there can help me out with this one: Do you know a way to create your own shortcuts for Ableton on a PC?

… and also how to create third party plugin presets? Like a channelstrip for the kick, and another one for the hi hat etc.


i think custom shortcuts are not possible in live, but i´d be very happy if someone could proof me wrong about this :wink:

for strips, you can make you a chain in the way you want it, mark them all, right click and say “group” and you will get an instrument rack which you then can save in your user library and have the whole chain whenever you need it.

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ah ok. Thanks for the tip man. I only knew about the one where you do a standard track temp, so that everytime you create a new track you get a certain channel strip

Probably not the answer you want to hear… but Bitwig has both of these features, it might be worth checking out :slight_smile:

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thanks for the tip Robbyt. Seems like I need to wave goodbye to Ableton, as the limitations in terms of workflow and mixing in general are getting more obvious the more you learn about other DAWs

personally i use live only for producing,too. because even with channel strip groups and stuff, it´s much more comfortable (to me) to mix in logic. just the gui itself in live isn´t very inviting for mixing purposes and i still think (cleary subjective) that the rendering in logicdoes sound better, too.