Ableton user group

Fellow Abletonians how does an Ableton user group sound to you?

The thing is that Ableton is different to other DAWs in terms of workflow, side chaining, VCA etc…

I’m sure many Ableton users would benefit from some knowhow on these subjects.

Please let me know if you know any Ableton experts you can reccomend for such a user group?

We are bringing the Ableton Uses group back at the school in the near future :slight_smile: And yes I would like to know who would be interested in a group like this

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…count me in! :wink:

(and here some random bullsh*t to get over 20 signs :slight_smile: )

yup. i prefer Live. love that workflow & of course remix/dubbing at this level & simplicity without carrying a mixing desk & all you effects prior to this was impossible. i just a yout called aniki that KILLLLLLLED it w/all on-board effects…