Ableton Live Users Group: Week 2, Tuesday 4:00-5:00 PM. Free!

Ableton Live Users Group Week 2

Open Invite for all MixMaster Forum Members.

Join using your laptop, desktop or mobile device. Please register before attending.


T Minus 7 and counting

Am I the only one attending? Or did I get the wrong link in the mail?

ahh. got the time wrong (I’m on the west coast). maybe next week : (

We where at least a couple of guys. Mostly talked about some new version 10 features. It was a nice session!

Sorry we missed you @sight , yeah it’s 4PM EST…

@01010110 thanks for hanging in there at the beginning. Still working out a few kinks with Zoom, should be ironed out by next week’s group… Got your last chat as well, will definitely see what I can do… Are you away next week?

Also great talking with you, always nice to meet other people doing full-time production work. Cheers!