A Question About Panning Reverb


Hello there everyone, so I have this pretty cool Guitar Rift that I’ve finished channel stripping and made the decision to pan it 35% to the left in my mix. My question is about it’s Reverb that I have on a Return Track, in a situation like this would I have to pan my Reverb 35% to the left as well? Or can I pan it anywhere of my choosing or in the middle? What are the sort of rules for these things so it sounds natural and not odd?


Use ‘post pan’ on your send and the guitar will be sent to the reverb after the pan. It sounds very unnatural when you hear a sound on the left and its reverb down the centre.
However, your reverb does not always have to follow the source. Lets take your guitar for example, your guitar is 35% to t he left you could send this to a reverb that is 35% to the right for a cool widening effect, always works great with delays.

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Awesome Thank You Paul! I’ll remember that and appreciate the advice!

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