Pre and post

whats best to or the difference from pre from post production in mixing not to sure any help will help thanks

Pre = send is sent before the fader i.e. the fader level does not effect the send. For example, if you have a pre fader send to a reverb from the snare, you could have the snare fader at infinity and still hear the reverb. This is very useful for when you want a particular send level that is not effected by the fader, side-chain send, parallel sends and the likes.

Post = send is sent after the fader i.e. the fader influences the send level. For example, if you have a post fader send to a reverb from the snare, and the snare fader is at infinity, you will hear no reverb. Very useful when you want a relationship between source volume and send e.g. a quiet snare will generate less reverb whereas a loud snare will generate more reverb.

Remember you will mostly want ‘Post Pan’ for effects like reverb, so the reverb reacts to the pan position of the source. For example if your guitar track is panned hard left you want the reverb relay that positioning. If you are pre pan, then your guitar would be emanating from the far left but the reverb would be relaying the guitar as being centre, a clash of spaces, sounds unnatural, as this is impossible in nature.