Logic Pro X Pre-Fader Send Technique

Something that bothered me in the past about Logic, was that you did not have separate control of pan position when dealing with pre-fader sends.
This is a big issue; for example, if you want to send pre-fader to a reverb, and the instrument (let’s say a synth) is panned hard left. The stereo image is going to be smeared and it will sound unnatural and unfocused, as the direct sound of the synth is coming from hard left but emminating from the centre in the reverb.

You have the same issue with post-fader sends

However, post-fader sends are easily fixed by choosing “Post Pan” in the send menu, which is after the fader and pan.

There are many situations where you want pre-fader sends with independant control over the pan position of the send. Something I do not need to worry about being a Pro Tools user, as they impliment this feature quite nicely.

I noticed in a relatively recent update to Logic they have included the option for “Independent Pan” in the send menu.

Problem solved!

It is worth noting this technique is good if you want to pan to a different position to the source. For example, source panned hard left pre fader send panned hard right. All you need to do is click “Sends on Faders”.

LPX Sends to Fader Mode

You know you are in “Sends to Fader” mode because the fader will be highlighted. Don’t forget to untick this option when you are finished.

LPX Sends to Fader

The result!

For examples of when best to use pre or post fader sends I highly recommend @Danny’s excellent mixing courses!

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Good to know, thanks @Paul

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