Analog Consoles

Vintage Neve

Vintage Neves come in lots of variety, but the overall vibe is a hushed high end, a smooth long ringing midrange and a wide, slow-moving wall of vague but warm low end. Works wonderfully for smoothing out harsh and thin sounds. It does not get any warmer than vintage Neve.

Modern Neve

Modern Neve, like the 88 has the signature slow-moving low end of Neve but with a much more open, unfiltered high frequency response. Great for slow and mid-tempo HD modern sounding productions, but still very warm and smooth.


Tight and bright, with a smooth but not very dynamic low end response. The signature Jensen transformers compress the low end and the high end in a very musical and clear way. Clarity is a characteristic of API. A wonderful console for pop, rock and film.


Expensive, classey British crunch with excellent low-frequency dynamics. The SSL E console is bright, with a pleasant mid-range crunch, and a full, dynamic low end. A goto console for dance and electronic music with a very radio-friendly sound.


Extremely smooth and clear. No crunch at all, no long ringing harmonics. Tight and smooth, and very, very warm due to its hushed almost LPF high frequency character. Dynamically it sort falls in between API (very tight) and Neve (very loose)


Sort of a specialty item for me. Noisy, bright and on the thin side - i like this console for vocals and acoustic guitars, indy rock, and retro projects.


Would you recommended any specific console for mixing mainly hip hop and rnb?

what would be the better console for hip hop

i enjoy pop house and techno which your classes are design for so whats best ?

Great post Danny, thank you very much!

I think the Neve 88RS sounds great for Hip Hop, if you are after a brighter sound I would go SSL, for a smoother sound go Harrison. If you want punchy and crunchy drums go API.

For pop house, the SSL all day!

For techno, although not listed here I would probably go for the 610A for its super warm and dark sound.

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Yes, SSL is great for that.

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