ZHU Remix Feedback

Hi guys!

How is everybody! hope everything is good , I been working hard on this remix and I want to share my work
with this forum because I know that there is a lot of people with good ears and different Ideas

I apply everything I Learn in mixing foundations , Please leave your comment about my mixing this track is streaming at 16 LFU :slight_smile:

https://soundcloud.com/lexwolker/zhu-nightcrawler-lexwolker-remix/s-j8Gw3 :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hope I can get some feedback! everything is welcome :smiley:

Have a great one


I really like everything Lex. I’m sure someone could find things to improve but it sounds very professional and great ambient track that I could imagine hearing out after taking a first listen.

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Thank you so much for listening and give your feedback, I will work more to get the final touch!

Yes would love to hear it when it’s done. Do you use a lot of saturation?
which plug ins for that. I am still struggling with oversaturation that
sounds awesome on good monitors but distortion on lo quality systems
(certain tv sets and club monitors.

to saturate or not to saturate that is the question///for me at least.

I’ll post some tracks soon. I can’t say they are cracking as much as yours
and other i hear on the forum but hey why not

Jacob M Friedman

Yes :slight_smile: I use what I learn on mixing foundations and some tips from marteen vorweek and dave pensado

you should check it out! But for some reason the things that I learn here are way better , I use a lot of slate plugins is very cheap!

I have been finding the same. I spend most of my non β€˜work’ time trying to improve my music and that means a lot of reading/watching. The best stuff by a long way is the stuff Danny is teaching through the academy.

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I remember when I use saussage fatnner haha is not a bad plugin but… when I star using decapitaror wow haha everything come to life!

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