What are you guys listening to these days?

This could probably be a forum all on its own but thought I could at least ask it here. I’m so damned impressed with the quality and breadth of material folks bring in to the Reference Tracks classes in the Mixing and Mastering courses I’d really like to see what folks are listening to.
Being so old school as I am I have some trouble sorting and combing through the crap that generally makes it to a wide market to find the high quality material.
Any recommendations?

Some of the tracks I’ve brought into reference are:

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Ambient electronic: Boards of Canada, Bibio, Four Tet, Lorn and Clark are all beautiful sounding.

Foley masters I can reccomend are Amon Tobin and Orka. Mindblowing stuff. Especially if you nerd their sounds and how they were created.

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I go through the top 10-20 on Billboard pop and dance charts, the UK dance and pop charts and Traxxsource and Beatport charts

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Old school jungle & new school drum & bass.
Afro Cuban drumming & traditional music
West African drumming (primarily djembe) & kora
Puerto Rican drumming (primarily bomba)
Pop music - Afrobeats/Reggaeton/dancehall/new school rap
South African house music

Check out “Alix Perez” on SoundCloud. lots of what he posts & reposts is correct new school d&b
For traditional music: muñequitos (Cuba), William Cepeda “bombazo” (bomba), toumani diabate (kora)
Afrobeats: look up the “redbullmusic guide to Afrobeats” - it’s a good starter
Reggaeton: “con calma” is a good one also “taki taki”
Dancehall: I love this kid called “popcaan” one of his producers is “mixpak” they have a distinct sound
New school: my students could tell you better, but I hate myself for liking cardi B. Her whole album is fun
My default for South African house music is a guy called “black coffee” for North America, I really like this guy called kaytranada.