New music and reference tracks


I’m looking for new music and reference tracks!

Share your current favorites if you like :sunglasses:


Ok thanks for nothing

Hey Timo,

I need the same! What references have you been using? I have just gone on to 7Digital and found ‘uplifting trance’ tracks that i hadn’t heard before, but liked the sound of to reference to…

Thanks Elton!

I’ll have to check out 7digital…

Closest to trance genre I think the new metalheadz dnb releases have been sounding really good!


for me the challenge is getting good quality WAV. i can find plenty of mp3’s of tracks i like, but trying finding WAV?!






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my favs of sound design and loudnesss

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Nice! Thanks man! I will deffinately check them out!

Same here Elton… But I think you can find good stuff at beatport and also get amazing ref tracks from cd’s.
I’m old school you know so I still buy cd’s and vinyl :nerd_face:
Many “older” cd’s sound absolutely amazing… Real analog million dollar studio mastering I guess… Same goes for vinyl!

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yup plenty of wav’s on beatport. i always prefer listening to wav’s myself and I buy my reference tracks as wav files. but as a radio dj and club dj who buys alot of music I quit buying wav’s from beatport because you can’t attach metadata to wav files and this is absolutely crucial for dj’s. until wav’s are engineered to hold metadata I’ll be buying 320 kbps wav’s. 320’s don’t sound bad for mp3’s, but if I had my way we’d just 86 mp3’s forever and be done with it.

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Hello. Do you want to practice mixing some vocals? I have a bunch of project recorded in a studio where I work. They are Russian though. We can compare the results, it would be interesting.