Gramatiks mixdowns and masters second to none(referenceing tracks)

I’m listening to some of his tracks as reference tracks and they are literally blowing every single other artist out of the water, not even close.

Apparently does the stuff himself, as well as Skrillex, and these guys tracks are blowing anything pop or commercial wise out of the water. Really encouraging where mixing capabilities have gone over the years and how you can do everything yourself.

If you can name an artist or producer with better sounding mixdowns/masters I.e louder clearer smoother and punchier than Gramatiks newer releases please let me know cause I don’t know of anybody

And if anybody knows any special techniques he uses in order to achieve such amazing results, he has an interview with iZotope and talks about using some of there stuff but there must be so much that goes into his mixdowns that get them to that level.

I know I’m learning a lot in Danny’s course and would hope to some day achieve such results but I wonder why his tracks stand out such a cut above the rest, years of doing it? I know there’s tons of industry audio engineers that have been doing it for years with the best gear to do it with and this guys tracks are making them sound like child’s play/amateur

Can this type of quality be achieved in the box? as I’m not sure what steps or even what he uses in the process